Behind The drawing

This collection is devoted to the Coalition for the Homeless in New York City. A young boy struggling with homelessness in the city drew the images printed on the shirts of this collection to express the hardships he endures everyday. All of the net profits of the proceeds from these T-shirts will be donated to the Coalition for the Homeless in order to aid this young boy and many others, in their struggles.

The Coalition for the Homeless focuses on empowering those in the grips of poverty through housing, job training, emergency food, crisis intervention and youth program. They strive to offer New York's most vulnerable citizens, economic independence and a brighter future. For more information on the coalition for the homeless visit their website at Also, you can check out their blog at 

The artist of the drawings featured on our shirts is currently an 8th grader involved in the Coalition for the Homeless Bound for Success afterschool program, a safe haven for homeless children dedicated to providing quality instructional and recreational programs, as well as a comprehensive support system. For purposes of anonymity this young boy has decided not to reveal his name, and thus instead we have bestowed upon him an assumed name of “Chris.” Chris loves art and is inspired by its ability to let him express the struggles he experiences through dealing with homelessness every day. Chris is eager to spread his word through his art, because as he says himself, “I’m always up for a challenge.” We at Raw Threads are very proud to support Chris, and many others experiencing similar struggles, in the adaptation of these compelling drawings to wearable fashion.