Raw Thread’s is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving people a voice through a drawing. Each drawing describes the story of a person that is facing struggles in the world today. This drawing is then displayed on graphic Raw Thread tees to make a statement and bring awareness.  All of the net profits from the sales of the T-shirts will be given to the selected organization that the author of the drawing represents. Each Raw Threads collection will partner with a new organization to aid a greater array of people, because there are so many people out there that can use a lending hand…

Linnea and Danielle founded Raw Threads in December of 2012 with the intention of creating a nonprofit that not only reached out to a wide array of people, but also combined their passions of art and fashion. Raw Threads was born with the idea that art is one of the best ways to express oneself and to be heard in such a fast paced world.

Linnea and Danielle are currently students at both University of California Los Angeles and Suffolk University. They are avid travelers, art enthusiasts and dedicated adventurers. In the future they hope to see Raw Threads thrive and spread as a worldwide organization and label.


Our mission is to give each person a voice that is stronger than just what you hear on the news. We want to show the truth in a more personal way, a way that helps you get a deeper understanding as to what is going on around you. “Don’t just speak the truth”